Top Things for 12/10/12

I’m back! Apparently I didn’t mess anything up too bad last week, so I have been allowed to stay. Bully for you all.


Books are for nerds.


There’s nothing I or anyone I know both reads and feels really strongly about (sorry Buffy Season 9, you’ve been lame), but Spider-Man is about to end, so maybe pick up the next-to-last issue before it does? 


The Hobbit mofos! What the hell else are you gonna see?!? It’s the flippin’ HOBBIT. Go at midnight and then go again with your friends that are too lame to go at midnight! Dress up! I most definitely will.


This weak is BLEAK you guys, and I’m sorry that that rhymed. So unless you’re a teenage boy in 2002 who listens to Green Day, I’m sorry but you’re basically S.O.L.


Did you people watch Homeland on Sunday? Because you should have. Because what? Because what are they going to do this week? Because it’s the season finale and it’s going to be quite epic. There’s also a “Winter Wonderland” party on Vampire Diaries and Walter going on an LSD trip on Fringe. So, you know, something for everyone.


So basically this week would pretty much suck except for that whole HOBBIT THING HAPPENING AT MIDNIGHT ON THURSDAY. SO GET EXCITED.


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