Thirty Days of Feelings: Day Nine

This year I’m undergoing a bit of an experiment: Thirty straight days of doing/watching/listening to/reading something that makes me feel – however fleetingly – like an actual human being, in the hopes that this will thaw a layer of ice off my frozen shriveled little heart, and allow me to not be such a buzzkill this year. So let’s get to it.

Day Nine: My Drunk Kitchen

In an effort to make this blog series so depressing, and also because I was literally crawling under the covers to sleep before realizing I needed to post, here’s something fun that I can talk about SUPER BRIEFLY: My Drunk Kitchen.

Guys. It is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a girl. Getting drunk. Trying to cook. Hilarity ensues. Bonus points because she speaks French and Japanese sometimes – like me, references obscure memes and random anime – like me, and is generally really funny – like me. Also she is a lesbian – unlike me.

Each episode is around five minutes, nothing ever turns out like it was supposed to, and the smash cuts are super zippy. There’s even bloopers! Which, when the whole point is basically to make a giant blooper, is pretty impressive. So go watch!


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