Top Things for 12/03/12

Hello all! I’m back after a seriously extended absence. Between quitting law school, getting super sick (a couple of times) and trying to figure out what I want to do with my life, I’ve been a bit preoccupied. But what with Ian starting this whole “Post a day for thirty days” nonsense, I figured he was a bit… overcommitted, and offered to take over some of his other posts! So here I am with some recommendations for what’s out this week.


Did you know that there’s a giant volcano under Yellowstone, whose caldera is slowly rising? Did you know it could erupt at any moment? Did you know that the last time a super volcano of this size erupted, it did so for a thousand years and killed 95% of ALL LIFE ON EARTH??? Well now you do. Good luck sleeping.

Anyway, Supervolcano: All Fall Down by Harry Turtledove is the story of what happens in the aftermath of such an eruption. And while in real life I seriously doubt anyone would survive long enough to have an aftermath, let alone planning for the rebuilding of the nation, it could still be a decent read…

Comic Books

So, don’t tell my boyfriend, but I’m actually not a huge comic book fan (we met in the comics section of a Barnes & Noble and I pretended I knew what I was talking about). I mean yes, I’ve read the classics – Watchmen, V for Vendetta, The Killing Joke, The Dark Knight Returns. Ian has made me read some others – Y: The Last Man, All-Star Superman, and I occasionally browse his collection, but I really don’t care about the soap operatics of the Avengers or X-Men.

That being said, I have been really enjoying a new series: All-New X-Men, which tells the story of the original five X-Men coming from the past into the present to confront their current incarnations. The dialogue is snappy, the premise is intriguing, and the art is beautiful. Plus it’s shipping super fast which keeps the momentum up. Issue #3 is out Wednesday.


None of the movies opening this week look very appealing to me. So I’m going to use the time and money I would spend seeing a movie on making a costume for the midnight premiere of The Hobbit next week, because I am one of those people.




I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that this Sunday marks the penultimate episode of Homeland‘s second season, which should set up all the pieces for a suitably epic finale. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking more forward to The Vampire Diaries on Thursday. Ian started watching several weeks ago, and promptly got us hooked on it. We just finished the awesome third season last night, so hopefully I’ll be fully caught up by Thursday’s episode, which I believe includes the return of Lexi – in flashback form – and SALVATORES IN UNIFORM! PLUS some Nola goodness to remind me of home. Apparently last week’s episode ended on a… sour note… based on the twitter reactions I read, so hopefully this next episode will redeem it somewhat.


And that’s all I’ve got for you today. I should be checking in on Wednesday for a comics-themed post, so I’ll need to find something to say about that ASAP. Deuces.



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