Top Things for the Week of 11/26/12

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been pretty M.I.A. lately; I’ve been injured, sick, busy, and exhausted at some point or other for the last month or so. But I’m healed and rested and ready to go, so in the immortal words of Darkwing Duck… Let’s get dangerous!


There are quite a few novels coming out this month, which is always a good thing. I’ll probably be reading the FIVE John Carter novels I just bought (for $.99!!!), but you can see a list of genre releases here.

My pick of the week is Cold Days by Jim Butcher. It’s the latest Dresden Files novel. I’ve only read the first (of FOURTEEN), but I really liked it. It was noir, it was urban fantasy. It had vampires, demons, fairies, and mystical drugs. It was a lot of fun. I haven’t looked up what this one is about, because I want to be surprised if/when I get there, but it’s definitely a series worth… *puts on glasses*… investigating.


There are a lot of really solid releases this week, including new Angel and Faith, Morning Glories, and Uncanny Avengers. But one release has me the most excited: All-New X-Men. This is a story about the original five X-Men coming from the past into the present to confront their current selves. This should be a bit of a tribute to a more innocent time in comics, as well as a way to add depth to some characters that perhaps lacked it back in the day. PLUS it includes Jean Grey, my all-time favorite X-Man, and the author has said all his favorite scenes include her!


It doesn’t really look like anything worth checking out is coming this week, so I recommend you take this opportunity to see Lincoln if you haven’t already. I thought it was incredibly well-done, a beautiful story about the importance and power of compromise, the triumph of right over wrong, and the toll power and responsibility can take on a person. More than that, it’s just a beautiful testament to one of the most impressive and inspiring men to ever lead our country, and it awoke something akin to patriotism in my dark shriveled heart.


womp womp


Look y’all, I’m gonna rep Homeland until my fingers bleed. Freaking watch it. But in other news, Last Resort – aka the only new drama I actually really liked this year – has been cancelled so you should watch it before it goes away forever. It asks some really great questions about the nature of power, the source of authority, and what happens when you mess with a natural power structure. It had a great conspiracy and some really solid acting, not to mention one of the better-looking casts in recent memory (Autumn Reeser, duh).

As far as the blog is concerned, I’m going to TRY to have a post each day, because I have a LOT of saved up media to talk about. Movies, TV, and comics! So be on the lookout for that, but as always, no promises.

See you space cowboy…


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