Top Things for 10/22/12

What’s good y’all. I am writing a blog post instead of watching the Presidential Debate. Because any more bulls#!t and I will develop a Crucial Systems Error, and inflict GRIEVOUS HARM upon myself. So instead, here are things guaranteed to (or at least potentially capable of) creating some small happiness in our lives.


I know I said it last week, but THE TWELVE by Justin Cronin. I picked up The Passage over the weekend, and I’m about 20% through it already. I’m pretty hooked and it hasn’t even really gotten going yet. It’s creepy, it’s weird, it’s interesting, it’s complex, it’s got great characters. I NEED the sequel, just as Ben predicted. Besides, nothing else is really coming out this week, so why not?


So my local comic shop doesn’t like to take credit cards for purchases less than $10, which these days means about three comics. Normally, this isn’t a big deal, because I typically buy around that many each week. But every now and then a week happens where that isn’t the case. And rather than going out and getting cash, I tend to just buy an extra comic I didn’t give a try earlier. Frugal? No. But it has lead me to some great, off-beat finds. This weeks? Mind MGMT. I’m not sure what it is, but it involves “weaponized psychics, hypnotic advertising, talking dolphins, and seemingly immortal pursuers,” which sounds so gloriously, brilliantly bizarre as to NECESSITATE some investigation, yes?


Cloud Atlas comes out this week, which could be really cool. Visually, it looks pretty sweet, and the whole “soul-mates across time and space” thing is pretty interesting, BUT it could also be ridiculously hokey. I’ll probably actually wait a week and see what people say about it.


Colbie Caillat is releasing a Christmas album you guys. I more or less hate Christmas, but my love for Colbie cannot be eclipsed. When she came to Baylor my senior year… hair gently swaying in the late-night breeze, lit up by the moon, singing sweet nothings directly to me and only me… that was it. Love. Like straight up, “I just bought Netflix” love. So yeah, she gets a pass on the whole “manipulating you into buying an album because you’re one of those Christmas freaks that will buy anything green and red in the desperate hopes to rekindle the innocence and unbridled passion of your youth” thing.


One of my absolute favorite comedies is coming back on Tuesday guys! Happy Endings! EEEEEEEEEEEE. This is the show I found to fill the void in my heart when I thought Community was going to end, and it mostly did! In fact, some of the Happy Endings staff have gone on to replace the creator of Community this season, so the two shows are basically related now. It’s heightened, it’s hilarious, it’s occasionally touching, it’s random, it’s everything I need in a sitcom. WATCH IT.

Honestly, that’s it. I’m going to catch up on some Downton and bask in the fact that my 15 year old brother said I’m “pretty jacked” and don’t need to work out as much. Yeah. Cool feeling.

Peace in the Middle East.


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