Literary Things: Percy Jackson

Hey y’all this is Christin here for the book review this month! A fair warning: this will probably be a little short because I’ve been watching the stupid Vampire Diaries and can’t stop. I’m a little embarrassed about how quickly I got through the first and half of the second seasons…Anyways, this post in NOT about The Vampire Diaries, although I find the show…compelling…it is about Percy Jackson and the Olympians!

Oh Percy Jackson, you son of Poseidon. At least, he is the half-mortal, half-god son in this world that Rick Riordan has created. Percy Jackson and the Olympians is a five book series in which Percy and his other demi-god friends are fighting to save the world from Kronos and the other Titans who are trying to take over Olympus. There are monsters to face, gods to fight, and gods to save, all with a very sarcastic, angsty, and lovable protagonist. All of the young heroes are outcasts in normal society, because they just don’t quite fit – they’re ADD because they are meant to be in battle or dyslexic because they should be reading Greek  – but it’s amazing how powerful an accepting community of friends can be.

After Riordan created this world, and Percy and his buddies saved it – he couldn’t just leave it alone. He is currently writing another five book series about the Roman demi-god counterparts, and what happens when the Greek and Romans mix. This time, there is a new leading man – Jason Grace, the son of Jupiter. But don’t worry, all of the favorites from the first series start showing back up, including Percy in the second book. The third book, The Mark of Athena, was just released at the beginning of October, and it’s a fun ride.

I would describe both the series to be mind candy. Fun, short, and sweet, but with very little lasting substance. However, it is fascinating to see the ways Riordan incorporates the different Greek/Roman myths and legends, most of which I don’t know about until I wiki them. Even though they are all over 300 pages, you could finish them in a weekend pretty easily. I’m not saying these books are going to change your life, but they can be a nice change of pace when you feel busy or stressed out.

Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief was released as a film in 2010, which featured the Parthenon from my home sweet home of Nashville, TN and starred Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson (who was just in the movie adaptation of The Perks of Being a Wallflower – I encourage you to check that one out as well). Anyways, the movie about the second book in the series, the Sea of Monsters, comes out in summer of 2013. These books and movies are a good time – pick them up if you need a little “mind candy” or just pass along the recommendation to your 7th grade little brother, Mom will love it if he starts reading almost anything, right?


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