Top Things for 10/15

Hey guys! I’m back from a couple weeks off, and I’m feeling really energized! Or at least, I would be, except I just had to meet my (married) aunt’s boyfriend and pretend to be nice. Just so you know, pretending to be nice is something I DESPISE at the best of times. And these were FAR from the best of times, let me tell you. So, I’m keeping it short and sweet today.


Ben already gave a great – and seriously intriguing – review for The Passage by Justin Cronin. So intriguing, in fact, that I just bought it. But this week sees the long-awaited and much-anticipated sequel: The Twelve. So buy it, suckahs.

Comic Books

The first year of Wonder Woman was, quite simply, phenomenal. We saw Diana’s whole origin story overhauled. No longer was she a lump of clay, brought to life by the prayers of an Amazon queen. Now, she was the secret love child of said Amazon queen and Zeus himself. This revelation was inspired, giving WW a new nemesis in the form of vengeful Hera, countless siblings like Strife and Apollo, and a mission – to protect Zeus’ newest baby mama. There were twists and turns, revelations, betrayals, and tons of drama and intrigue. This month starts off a new arc, and sees the reintroduction of Ares to the series. I cannot wait to see where the series goes as it heads into its second year.


Nothing I can really think of. But I haven’t seen Argo yet, and it has like a 94% on Rotten Tomatoes, so I’ll probably hit that crap UP!


Ben Gibbard is coming out with a solo album! For those of you that were disappointed by the happiness of Death Cab’s last album, this effort will probably be more melancholy. It is, after all, a post-Zooey endeavor. So hopefully (I guess?) this will be a return to form for Mr. Whiney Voice himself. [But in all seriousness, I love Death Cab]


Homeland you guys. Homeland. It’s just incredible. And while this last week’s episode was a bit filler-ish, I think all the pieces are finally in place for the next phase of the series. Things are moving a lot fast than last season in general, and the series has definitely benefited from it so far.


And that’s it! Short and sweet, like I said. I’m going to go drink my secret wine and scrub today’s unpleasantness (including this episode of Ben & Kate I am for some reason half-watching) out of my head. Bye!



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