Top Things 10/01

Hey guys here’s stuff I think is cool.


Guys, I have a seriously hard time picking a book every week, because there are a TON of them. So I think I’ll tell you if anything REALLY cool is coming out, otherwise I’ll just share what I am reading. Currently, I am trying to decide on whether to buy The Magician King by Lev Grossman, Fall of Hyperion by Dan Simmons, or The Passage by Justin Cronin. The Passage sounds super awesome, BUT the other two are sequels to books I really liked. We’ll see.


OK, so obviously the big release of the week is Avengers vs. X-Men #12, aka The End. They’ve teased the possible return of my favorite X-Man, Jean Grey, but I’m not buying it. Basically I’m excited about this ending because I’m ready to get to the next phase of the Marvel Universe: Marvel Now! With new costumes (ugh), new series, and new creative teams, it promises to be an interesting shake up to the status quo.

That being said, there is one release I am actually MORE excited about: Action Comics #13. Why you ask? One word. KRYPTO. That’s right, Superman’s super-dog is back (at least for now), and I couldn’t be happier! Krypto is one of the only characters in a Big 2/super hero comic that has brought me to tears, and I love him.


Taken 2! Frankly I think this is a movie that didn’t need to happen, but come on. It’s Liam Neeson Kicking All The Ass. There’s no way that isn’t awesome.


Matt & Kim have a new album out! It’s called Lightning, which is flashy and dramatic and quick and to the point – much like Matt & Kim.


Look guys, I’m obviously going to recommend Homeland every week, because it is absofreakingamazeballz all the time. So get used to that. Also of note: Supernatural premieres this week! With a new showrunner looking to correct some of the… foibles… of the last couple seasons! So that should be cool. I *think* Arrow premieres too, and I might be willing to give it a chance? I know John will be, for… “predictable” reasons. And finally, y’all should seriously get caught up on Last Resort, because it was really awesome. I don’t know if it’ll keep it up, but dang. It is the one new show I am wholeheartedly endorsing.


OK bye!



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