Top Things Week of 9/24

Welcome back to the blog everyone! It is officially fall! Texas temperatures are dropping to the mid-to-low 90s, school is in session, and television shows are premiering! It’s basically the best ever. The downside is that choosing just one or two things to watch/read/see/listen to per week becomes exceedingly difficult. But fear not, I am more than equal to the task! I shall soldier on. So let’s get to it.


This week sees the release of The Casual Vacancy, J.K. Rowling’s first foray into the world of adult literature. Honestly, it doesn’t sound all that interesting to me, but it’s J.K. Rowling y’all. If anyone has earned a degree of trust, it’s her. The woman shaped my childhood more than possibly any other writer, so I will absolutely be checking it out.


This week sees two releases I am pretty excited about. The first is Aquaman #0, which will show us our first glimpse of Atlantis and the Atlanteans in this New 52 Universe. The last year has been building up the mythology of Atlantis, begging the question: if Atlantis was such a powerful and advanced civilization, what – or who – could have sunk it?

In a completely different genre is Angel and Faith #14, a canon continuation of Buffy and Angel which has been very good. While it generally focuses on, well, Angel and Faith, and their quest to find redemption and to restore the soul of Giles, this latest arc has certainly amped things up. With a journey to a hell dimension, messianic prophecies, talking dog-creatures, and oh yeah – THE RETURN OF DARK WILLOW, it is a must-read, to any fan of the Buffyverse.


Oh my gosh you guys. It’s finally here. Looper. Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Bruce Willis. Emily Blunt. Time travel. Mafia. Paradoxes. Early reviews from io9 say it totally lives up to the hype. It’s being hailed as one of the best-thought-out time travel movies ever. Just, read the blurb here, and pray to God, the Muses, and the mother-flipping Faeries of the Cognizant Aether that it doesn’t disappoint me. I couldn’t bear the heartbreak.


Basically I will be stoned by my friends if I don’t endorse the new Mumford & Sons album. So I will, reluctantly. But honestly I’ve never been a huge fan, and actually took them off my iPhone because stupid Genius kept putting it in all my playlists and it really bothered me. In actuality, Deadmau5′ new album >album title goes here<  is much more exciting. I know electronica tends to kind of blend together, but if The Veldt is anything to go off of, this album will be much softer than previous efforts. Speaking of, The Veldt is one of my favorite new songs – not just electronic, but in general, so I’m pretty excited overall.


OH GOOD LORD EVERYTHING. HIMYM premiered tonight. New Girl returns tomorrow! Modern Family on Wednesday! But man, let’s talk about the weekend.

First, there’s Fringe – the beginning of the final season. More than 20 years in the future. A highly disturbing, dystopian future run by Observers. I have loved this series since the very first episode, and I will be devastated when it ends. But until then, I will watch every episode as gratefully and attentively as I possibly can.

Then on Saturday, we have Doctor Who. Featuring New York. And the Weeping Angels. And River Song. Oh yeah, and it’s the LAST EPISODE OF THE PONDS EVER. You guys. I am going to cry so hard I throw up, and I’m not exaggerating. Rory and Amy have become some of my favorite television characters, ever, and I don’t want to see them leave. Or die.

SUNDAY. HOLY COW. Dexter comes back! The last two seasons have been pretty mediocre, but then so were the two before Season 4, which was phenomenal y’all. We’ve also got Once Upon a Time, with the return of magic, a lynch mob of dwarves out to kill the queen, awkward family conversations between Snow, Emma, and Charming, and who knows what else. There’s also the return of Revenge – my soapy dramatic guilty pleasure, filled with beautiful rich people being horrid to each other and uncovering conspiracies. I am so excited you guys!! Across the pond, Downton Abbey is happening, and I’m DEFINITELY NOT advocating finding it online, but if I were I would state that it’s not illegal to WATCH it, only to HOST it, so you wouldn’t actually be breaking any laws if that is a factor.

And finally, HOMELAND returns. The show that won ALL THE EMMYS last night. The first season ended on a pretty dark note – with Carrie undergoing a dangerous procedure and figuring out everything moments before being overcome by unconsciousness and memory loss, and Brody making a pretty serious choice, and still no one knowing who the spy is within the CIA. This is absolutely Must-Watch TV at its finest, so WATCH IT ALREADY!


And that’s it. I honestly have no idea what’s coming on the blog this week, because I am exhausted and must go to sleep NOW. So peace love crabs and all that.



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