Top Things for 09/10/12

Greetings all! Today I got up earlier than pretty much all summer, worked eight hours for the first time in four months, and then did an hour of kickboxing followed by weight lifting. To say the least, I am TIRED, so this post is short, sweet, and to the point – as I’m sure you wish they all were. Also helping matters: the sad state of affairs that is the box office, the lull between summer and fall shows, and an absolute dearth of interesting books and music this week. So with that in mind, read on!



Nothing I could find really caught my eye. You’re welcome to check out the Sword and Laser calendar and check for yourself though. Speaking of, Sword and Laser is starting The Foundation saga this month, so if you’d like to read along with them, check out their forum on Goodreads. Foundation is one of those books I feel intensely obligated to read, as a fan of science fiction, but just haven’t. I tried, but I was like 15 and it was WAY over my head. So maybe someday, but probably not today.


The penultimate issue of Avengers vs. X-Men comes out this Wednesday, and looks to feature a battle between Cyclops and his girlfriend Emma Frost for control of the Phoenix Force. This should appropriately set up things nicely for the finale, and all its Messiah-Child, Kung-Fu, Scarlet Witch hex magic, potential Jean Grey return actiony glory later this month.

Uncanny X-Force #31 also comes out this week. And as I just learned, the series is coming to an end with issue #35. This is immensely depressing news to me, but then again, I DO appreciate a series that knows when to end, so at least there’s that.


Finding Nemo 3D? Seriously, that’s about as good as it gets. At this point, the only thing I’m looking forward to, movie-wise, is LOOPER. Which I can’t even explain, but here‘s an article promising it’s good and holy crap I am freaking out but trying to rein in my expectations just in case I’ll be disappointed but really don’t want to be and ARHRLLKRJ:KRJ:LJRE:LRKJ that was me having a seizure.


Dave Matthews Band? They’ve never been my cup of tea, but I don’t find them as odious as some people. Chill music really is underrated, in this world of stress and noise. So grab a listen, a brewski, and play some frolf.


Doctor Who!! While I haven’t been wildly enthusiastic about this season, it really is the best thing on right now, in my opinion. And as I recently told a friend, when Rory and Amy leave in a few episodes, I will cry so hard I vomit. It happens, OK?

And that’s it! Possibly the shortest ever, because this week is Teh Lamezorz, frrealzies k?


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