Top Things for 09/03

There now. Isn’t your day instantly better?

I don’t even need to do an opener this week, because MORGAN FREEMAN being RIDICULOUS is enough, right?


None of this week’s genre releases really captured my eye, but the one that came closest was The Rapture of the Nerdsby Cory Doctorow. It’s a tale of humanity in the future, when most of us have left the planet for the stars, and traded in our humanity for technological upgrades. Described as “a tale of the singularity, posthumanity, and awkward social situations,” it seems tailored for our generation. Might be worth a read.


This month, as the first anniversary of DC Comics’ epic reboot, sees the release of the “#0” issues – which look to fill in a bit of the back story of the new status quo. Since I couldn’t pick just one, here are the two I think look most intriguing.

Action Comics #0 – The tale of how Superman got his start. We should see how he came to Metropolis, how he was inspired to fight crime, and maybe even how he met Lois and Jimmy.

Green Lantern #0 – I’m years behind on Green Lantern by now, but I’m still hearing tons of buzz. There’s a new mysterious GL in town, and now we get to meet him. This should hopefully raise some new questions and answer some old ones before the next sprawling epic – “The Rise of the Third Army” and Hal’s destiny as the greatest Black Lantern.


Jack. Crap. It’s depressing really.


Sondre Lerche – my boy from Norway – has a live album out this week! In general I don’t prefer live albums (I want my albums to sound perfect, and my concerts to sound live), but I may be willing to give this one a try. The guy’s music is fun and off-beat, and really chill. I feel like this video captures his sound and style pretty perfectly, so give it a watch and see what’s up!


Now that Breaking Bad has ended – and what an ending, post to come – for the year, there’s only one show on my heart, mind, and TV – DOCTOR WHO! To be honest, I wasn’t a big fan until this summer, when I got caught up on the Matt Smith/Steven Moffat era, and absolutely fell in love. This season’s opener wasn’t my favorite (Daleks ugh), but I intend to treat each episode as precious because these are the last ever episodes with Karen Gillan (my future wife) and Arthur Darvill (my future BFF). Plus, this next episode on Saturday? DINOSAURS ON A SPACESHIP!


And that’s it for the week. Those are my recommendations, take ’em or leave ’em. I hope to have a post on this half-season of Breaking Bad on Wednesday or Thursday, and hopefully a post from Stephen on Friday! Have a great week all, and do something to enrich yourselves! Read a book, go for a run, learn something new. Or don’t! Whatever!


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