Top Things 08/27

It’s probably blasphemous how much this made me laugh.

What’s up thugs? How was everyone’s weekends? I did as close to nothing as humanly possible, while remaining alive. Seriously, I barely showered, never got out of my pajamas, and basically stayed in bed re-watching Happy Endings and New Girl from the beginning. Pretty successful actually. [Editor’s note: I did actually go to church, so stop worrying about my soul. And yes I showered for it.]

And with that, I give you your Top Things for the week of August 27th, 2012!


Guys. Nothing interesting is coming out. Nothing. There’s a new Captain Underpants? I had no idea that was still A Thing, but here we are. So save your book money and spend it on something else. Go have a nice dinner with a friend you’ve lost contact with. Fund a Kickstarter. Buy a harmonica. Go wild!



This week sees the release of the much-anticipated (and delayed) Morning Glories 21. Ordinarily I would be pissed, because delays suck. Especially when this series has so many twists and turns and cliff-hangers. I am NOT pissed however, because the last several issues have actually been considerably longer than normal, for the same price. It’s a huge undertaking and a great value, and I can’t wait to see the end of this P.E. arc and move into the final arc of the “season.”


Jean-Baptiste. Emmanuel. ZORG.

So this past weekend was a pretty epic flop. AS PREDICTED. And while I don’t expect this weekend to break any box office records, there is one movie I think I can in good conscience recommend: Lawless. True Confession: I kind of love Gangster movies. The Untouchables? Good Fellas? All that stuff. Something else I kind of love? Gary Oldman. He’s one of the most versatile actors in the business, and he’s in some of my all-time favorite movies. Also a plus: Tom Hardy and Mia Wasikowska (the best part of Tim Burton’s Alice movie), not to mention Jessica Chastain. The only problem? Shia. But I think the rest of the cast balances him out.


Rita Ora is pretty big in England right now, but she hasn’t really made it big here yet. ANDDDD now I feel like I need to put money in the Douche Jar for writing that sentence. Anyway, her debut album comes out this week, and might be worth a try. Personally I don’t think I’ll be buying it, but the only other album release I cared about was Alanis Morrisette. This is her big song right now, even though she’s actually just featured on it; it’s a pretty good indicator of her style and it’s fun as hell. Also check out R.I.P., as that’s actually HER song. The girl’s got some decent pipes, I’ll give her that.



Well with True Blood done (more on that Wednesday), Breaking Bad really doesn’t have any competition for Must-Watch Show of the week. Sunday’s episode left me speechless, furious, and more than a little bit sad. I’ve said it before, but Walter has officially become Irredeemable as far as I’m concerned. I can’t wait to see how/if Jesse reacts to this latest development, and to what extent it takes a toll on Walt – if at all. Personally, I think this half of the season is setting up a bunch of different players who are personally motivated to kill Walt, and we’ll ultimately see a “Who Killed Walter White” plot in the next half. Maybe. Actually probably not, but I think multiple people will try to kill him this year, and at this point I hope they succeed.


And that’s it for now! Kind of a barren week, but I’m trying to look at it as a breather before all the GLORIOUS FALL TELEVISION hits in the coming weeks. Real Talk: There isn’t really a single new show I’m excited about. I will try my best to like Revolution, and I MAY try Arrow, but other than that, just give me back my TV from last year.

This week on the blog should see a(nother) True Blood post from John, reviewing the finale. On Friday, I think I will have a post about fitness! Because I’m a douchey gym rat now! See y’all then!


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