True Blood Rantings (Both Good and Bad)

So my feelings on True Blood are pretty well documented. But that was at the beginning of the season, and now here we are with just two episodes to go. And honestly, it’s like a whole new show lately. Spoilers to follow.

Increasingly, last season is feeling more like a fluke. The audience knows it was awful. The creators seem to know it was awful. Even the characters seem to know it was awful. What little happened, has been barely referenced, or flat-out contradicted. All that weird Demon Fairy Army waiting to kidnap everyone? Forget about them. They’ve gone Cirque Du Soleil/Burlesque. Lafayette has a demon inside him? Gone. Everything else? Irrelevant. This is purely good news.

Of course, the season hasn’t been perfect. It started off with way too many plot lines. Literally, every character – and there are over a dozen – had their own, separate story (other than Bill and Eric, they teamed up). Gone are the days of lovable background characters, popping up to brighten up a show about death and sex and violence. Now, everyone needs a season-long arc, that’s mostly depressing. In my opinion, we should have had Eric and Bill off doing Vampire Things. Jason and Sookie investigating Fairy Things. Then we could have a smaller plot of the Human Supremacists fighting Supernaturals. We could still have Sam and Luna being angry vigilantes, but as they would be targeting ALL Supes, this would have been a good way to connect Alcide to the rest of the cast, instead of putting him off on his own again and again and again. In fact, done this way, the story could have also brought in Jessica, Tara, and Pam, as vampires were being killed too. The mystery of who was controlling the group could have been planted earlier, and done more subtly, and it could have been very Season One-esque – with twists and turns and a general sense of paranoia as you know that ANYONE could be behind all these awful things. And then finally, Terry’s stupid Ifrit storyline – if it had to happen – a) could have been less… “political,” if that’s the word for it, and b) could have been way cooler. We could have seen Terry and Arlene seeking help from Holly – the Wiccan – who in turn would have needed Lafayette. This ragtag group of mostly Normals could have gone on a mad-cap adventure, seeking help from Voodoo, Jesus (the spirit, not the God), and anyone else. This is kind of what happened anyway, but I would’ve liked to see them come together earlier, and resolve the plot line sooner as well. 

All that being said, recently the show has gotten very good. We resolved some plot lines, got rid of some characters, and realized that not every character needs to be in every episode. This latest didn’t feature Terry or Arlene, and only had about five seconds of Andy, LaLa, and Holly, and minimal Sam and Luna. There was no crazy Were-Grandma (aka “Ain’t No Skank” from Breaking Bad), or even any Alcide! Which, yes, I would normally consider a crime against humanity because he is SO UNBELIEVABLY FINE and frequently mostly/totally nude. But honestly I’m pretty tired of his character. For three seasons it’s just been “I’m Alcide. I hate being a werewolf. Eff this pack, eff that pack, I’m a loner with a sexy growl.” THREE. SEASONS. Enough already. 

Anyway, we’re really starting to get somewhere with all the Vampire Crap too! The destruction of the Tru Blood factories sets up an interesting new status quo for the world – which hopefully won’t be magically reset next season. Bill’s Face Heel Turn may have come out of nowhere, and be pretty out of character, but honestly “out of character” is a good thing when your character sucks ass. And random or not, it’s fun to see Eric as the moral compass of the show, and to see how Jessica reacts to her Vamp Daddy acting like her brainwashing, abusive, overly-religious Real Daddy.

Other good things: Russell, duh. His “conversion” was so obviously fake, it was about time he quit pretending. He and Steve are adorable and creepy together. Creeporable? Adoreepy? Whatever. And maybe I’m just dumb, but his plan to study Sookie’s blood rather than just drinking it all was actually not what I expected. And way more chilling. I mean, you can only die once, maybe twice on this show, but you can be cut open and healed and poked and prodded for mostly EVER, which is just creepy. 

Now, I’m not sure where the whole “Sookie being sold into vampire marriage” thing is going, or how/if it’s going to connect to the main plot. I hope it does, because plots should, in general, converge. Sookie has mostly won me over again this season, now that she’s killing vampires instead of boinking them. She goes out in the daylight again, and loves her brother, and isn’t having nasty dirt sex all over the place. Big fan. And I know a lot of people don’t like the fairy story line, and I can’t say I’m the biggest fan either, but I do really like Claude and his weird gypsy style and his “move over bitch we’re your family now, PS here’s soup, love you,” kind of energy.

Anyway, pieces are mostly in place for the finale, which looks to be/hopefully will be epic. We’ve got Bill and Eric and Jessica AND secret Luna and Sam IN the Authority, where there is also Emma the Puppy and a million craaaaaazy vampires, and some Olde Vampyr Acid Blood, and I’m sure hijinks will ensue. And in Bon Temps, Tara has MURDERED A SHERIFF, and I’m pretty sure it will rain crap down on everyone’s heads, including Jason and Sookie and LaLa et. al. 

So in conclusion, I am hella pumped for the finale, and if you were a fan but quit watching because it sucked for a while, I encourage you to catch back up on the season in time for the penultimate episode this Sunday. 


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