Comfort TV

OK, I fail at blogging. I’m sorry. I was supposed to have a new “This Week In” on Monday, but totally spaced. Because I was dying. I ran five miles, non-stop, for the first time since I was TWENTY ONE Y’ALL. And no one on Facebook even “liked” that. Also, it took me an entire hour, so I don’t know whether to be proud that I ran a solid hour, or sad that it took me twelve minutes to run a mile…

Anyway, to make it up to you guys, I have a “special” treat: TWO POSTS IN ONE DAY: One by your’s truly (that means me) and the other by John! (Your’s falsely? What’s up with that saying anyway?) So here I go: a list of my go-to shows when I’m in a bad mood. Or as I call them: Comfort Shows.

I’m sure we all have our own comfort routines. You know the ones. You got yelled at by your boss, you got stuck in traffic, you’re feeling totally under the weather, the drain is clogged, you can’t find your work assignment, and that darn scale just KEEPS GOING UP. All in all, you’re have a terrible day. In this situation, girls will put on their sweat pants, break out the icing, and watch either The Bachelor, a Disney marathon, or some sad movie that makes them cry. Guys… well guys will probably just try to nap it off actually. Or eat some seriously nasty junk and play X-Box until way too late and yell at the douchey little 10 year olds talking smack.

My comfort routine is thus: some Vanilla Coke, a bag of Tostitos, maybe some brownies, in my bed (probably not wearing pants), watching TV on my laptop. And here is what I’ll most likely be watching.

3) Archer

I’ve probably watched Archer more than any other series in recent memory. It’s just so fantastic. It’s Arrested Development meets James Bond. It’s got the style of the 60s, the Cold War politics and computers of the 80s, and the crazy technology and pop culture of today. It blends office humor with sexcapades with spy hijinks. It is insanely witty, featuring call-backs to episodes that happened years ago, references to obscure inventors and history, and excellent puns and nicknames. Each episode is only about 22 minutes, but so densely-packed with humor it feels far more substantial. Overall an excellent way to whittle away your day without even realizing it.

2) Better Off Ted

Another office comedy, strangely enough. Better Off Ted is the story of Ted Crisp, a handsome single dad who is middle management at Veridian Dynamics – your basic Evil Corporation. He works Veronica (Portia de Rossi), the Frigid Ice Queen Executive (who slowly thaws out over the course of the regrettably short two seasons), Linda – the perky, idealistic head of testing, and Lem and Phil – two brilliant but socially awkward geniuses. The cast has amazing chemistry together, the jokes are fast-paced and non-stop, there’s a very feel-good, saccharine vibe throughout, and the narrative structure, with Ted directly addressing the audience, really brings you in and feel connected. It’s a shame it only lasted two seasons, but it wraps up pretty decently.

1) Pushing Daisies

Nothing on the face of the earth has ever made me “awwwww” so much – and probably never will. Pushing Daisies is the story of Ned – a pie maker with the ability to bring the dead to life with a single touch. If he touches them again – ever – they instantly die again. If he lets them live longer than a minute, then someone else dies to balance the universe. In general his life is going pretty well. He uses his powers to buy old dead fruit at bargain prices, then brings them to peak ripeness with a touch. He also investigates murders with his private detective friend, Emerson. Ned brings the dead back to life, interrogates them, Emerson solves the crime, and they split the reward. The status quo is shifted dramatically however when Ned brings his childhood sweetheart, Charlotte “Chuck” Charles, back to life – for good. They instantly fall back in love, but can never touch. This is a Bryan Fuller show, so the colors are unbelievably vibrant, the humor is pretty twisted – and yet still lighthearted, and the dialogue is crisp and sparkling. Warning: It may give you cavities, because it is sweet to the point of absurdity. But as a bitter cynic with a secret gooey optimist center, it’s everything I want in a show. It’s tragic, it’s sweet, it’s earnest, it’s endearing, there are tons of puns, repetitive names, and alliteration, it’s got Kristin Chenoweth… it’s just amazing. Lee Pace is so heartbreakingly pathetic you can’t help but want to give him a big hug and a slice of pie. The rest of the cast gets fleshed out to an incredible degree over just 22 episodes as well, and they have amazing chemistry. If I had a genie, I would probably use it to resurrect this show over any other – possibly including Firefly. That’s how much I love it.

And there you have it. Nothing groundbreaking or anything I guess, and nothing too deep – but who wants deep when your day has turned to total crap. You need to believe in the power of love! You need to laugh. You need some potty humor – but nothing TOO foul. So, next time you feel like you’re going to just cry and cry and cry, maybe try one of these?


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