The Week in Pop Culture (08/06/12)

Gooooood morning cyboys and cybergirls! Hope you had a restful weekend. I spent a lot of quality time with my dog, while my family was at the hospital tending to my little brother’s broken wrist. I also got back in touch with my Papa John’s roots – and not in the good way of eating pizza, but rather making it. I already feel less ensouled than normal. Anyway, let’s get to it!



Tuesday sees the release of a new R. A. Salvatore book, “Charon’s Claw,” which concludes his Neverwinter Saga. I haven’t been reading it, but Salvatore is a huge name in the fantasy world, and this one sounds pretty legit. Read more about it here.


We’ve got a new Buffy, which has actually finally maybe started to hit its stride. It took an unbelievable amount of setup, but we’ve finally got a world where Buffy is kind of irrelevant, or unnecessary. Which means she’s got a lot of figuring out and growing up to do. About time!

There’s also a whole slew of Avengers vs. X-Men tie-ins, so definitely use your discretion. Some have been real nifty, others not so much.


This week actually has a bit of something for everyone. For the elderly people in your life who need a rom-com that speaks to their specific… issues… we have Hope Springs, which is officially the most cheesy title for a movie since Hope Floats. It stars Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones, and Steve Carrell, and honestly it looks like cinematic Ambien.

For the action lover, there’s The Bourne Legacy, which is both thoroughly unnecessary, AND highly anticipated – at least to me. When I first heard about it, I groaned loudly and bemoaned my existence, but then when I saw the first trailer, I wet my pants. I mean Jeremy Renner has proven a more-than-capable action star, Rachel Weisz has been a HUGE crush of mine since The Mummy, Edward Freaking Norton is now in it, and it’s retained most of the supporting cast from the earlier franchise! This movie looks big and bold and pretty awesome. Here’s hoping it’s got sweet car chases, kung fu awesome-sauce, and less shaky-cam than Ultimatum.

And while I cannot in good conscience ENDORSE The Campaign for, well, anyone, I feel obligated to at least mention a movie that stars Will Ferrell, Zack Galifianakis, Jason Sudeikis (my favorite), Dylan McDermott, John Lithgow, and Dan Aykroyd. It’s really not my cup of tea, but that IS a pretty solid comedic cast. So if seeing a grown man punch a baby and a fat man play what looks like a really repressed gay Christian, well then go with God.


This week in music, we’ve got a new album from 10 Years, if you’re into the alt-rock kind of scene. I personally find 10 Years completely palatable, but if you asked me to name a song, or even really describe their sound, I would draw a blank – even though I’ve been listening to rock radio since I was 14. I don’t know if this is a personal problem, or a reflection of the band, but it is what it is.

There’s also a new David Archuleta (a new ALBUM, not a new PERSON), so all you teenage girls that read this blog: get excited!

And I think I heard something about a new Snoop Dogg/Lion album? I’m seeing conflicting information on that one, but either way reggae is NOT my jam… mon.


OK, what happened to True Blood?!? Seriously. After a season and a half of inching along at a snail’s pace through crazy-boring “plot” lines, suddenly things are kicked into high gear. The season has already resolved THREE of it’s plot lines (THREE!!), with three more episodes to go! Characters are starting to form groups, and interact with each other, and have tension and drama! It’s crazy! And these last three episodes look pretty awesome. It sounds like Sookie, Jason, Lafayette, Tara, Pam, and Jessica, as well as probably Arlene, Terry, Andy, and Holly, are gonna have some fighting to do, what with the vampire community pretty much in a civil war, and open season being called on humans. I’m actually digging Bill as a villain, and cannot WAIT to see Eric put the smackdown on SOMEONE. ANYONE at this point really.

Also, Breaking Bad. It is so tense it is giving me ulcers. Skyler has basically declared war on Walt, and while she may not have much of a plan other than “wait until cancer kills you,” at least it’s all out in the open. I’m hoping this will take her away from cowering crazy scared Skyler, and push her into like… try to kill you in your sleep Skyler, or something. Basically this season (read: show) is one giant clusterfrak waiting to happen, and I always love watching the pressure build and the pieces falling into place.

And that’s it for this week. A little light on literature, but plenty heavy on the moving picture shows, I suppose. Because, and I forgot to mention this, THE OLYMPICS are still happening and that’s really the best thing on Monday-Saturday. So, root for your countries, your favorite athletes, and feel some pride in your nation for once. Either John or I will see you back on Wednesday to talk about TV, not sure who yet. Either way, I’m sure it’ll be great. Peace.


2 Responses to The Week in Pop Culture (08/06/12)

  1. violet4ever says:

    I am not a teenage girl nor are many of the Archuleta fans I know. I’m very excited about Archuleta’s album. This is the second album David recorded in the 10 weeks before his 2-year church mission which started Mar 28 2012. The other one is the Philippines album Forevermore. I love his voice and he’s a fine human being.

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