This Week (07/30-08/05): Stuff!



Guys! I’m back! I know I’ve been totally MIA for like, an entire month, so let me explain. Mostly, I was abroad for a week and a half, and was too busy hiking, touring, drinking, playing poker, and watching my friends get married to blog. Before that, I was busy buying clothes, getting them tailored, packing, and desperately trying to lose those last stubborn pounds. After that, I was busy, well, sleeping mostly, and desperately trying to lose those new stubborn pounds. Also, I pretty epically failed at staying in touch with any of my contributors, so… yeah, light month. But I’m back now. With a vengeance.

And when I say “vengeance,” I mean “This Week In…” because even though it’s kind of a lot of work, I really enjoy doing it, and it really helps me figure out what I want to do/watch/buy/read/etc. So.



No major releases, but if anyone is interested, I am STILL reading Hyperion and would love to talk about it. I just finished Ready Player One, which was like The Hunger Games for nerds. I started 1Q84, which was pretty boring at first but I’m sure gets better. I’m also reading The Inheritance Trilogy by N.K. Jemisin, but accidentally skipped the second book and can’t find it now. Oops. So, let’s read something together, shall we? Find me on Goodreads!


This month sees the 12th issues of all DC Comics, meaning it’s officially been a year since the big relaunch, which in case you haven’t read, I’ve been a big fan of. On that side of the Big Two, we’ve got Action Comics, and Animal Man/Swamp Thing, which are in the middle of their big crossover. In general, I’ve been enjoying this new take on Superman found in Action Comics, though far less than just about any other Grant Morrison comic. It’s been incredibly scattered and the pacing has been inconsistent at best, but when it’s on it’s ON.

And on Marvel’s side of things, we’ve got issue 9 of Avengers vs. X-Men. This starts the third and final act, and things are looking up. For the reader, not the characters. The Phoenix Force has been split up, and the X-Men are running the world now. But power has gone to their heads, and characters on both sides of the divide are beginning to question their rule – most notably Professor X. With Hope now receiving training from Iron Fist, and the reveal that someone (probably Cyclops) is going to die, I’m actually pretty excited about the series now. And finally, as always, there’s X-Factor, which has been building momentum for quite a while now towards a future where Madrox MAY die, M and Guido MAY kill each other, or end up in love. There have always been lots of questions in X-Factor, but never more than now, which couldn’t be better.


Total Recall is the only major release worth noting this week. I doubt that it’s going to be anything more than mindless summer action, but as long as you go into it with that expectation, it can still be enjoyable. I mean, Colin Farrell is good at the whole action thing, as is Kate Beckinsale. Jessica Biel is, well, really attractive. And the fact that Bryan Cranston is in it tells me it might not be awful.


Pitbull has a new album out this week. If that appeals to you, well then…


True Blood – Things finally started clicking… 75% into the season. The cause can almost completely be attributed to the fact that the characters’ plot lines have started merging, instead of each of the literally 20 characters having their own individual ones. We’ve got Terry, Patrick, Arlene, Holly, and Lafayette dealing with the ifrit (which, whatever… at least they’re working together), Jason and Sookie are being adorable siblings and investigating their parents’ murders/the fae life, Bill and Eric having progressed from rivals to bros and now to potential enemies, now that the whole boring Authority story line is actually going somewhere, and Tara being less of a bitter angry bitch. Overall, things are looking up.

Breaking Bad – These first three episodes have been kind of slow, but this latest episode has me excited anew about the show. Everyone is slowly coming to the realization that Walt is kind of evil, and I’m feeling more confident about my theory that the show will end with someone killing him. While I was almost certain it would be Jesse, it could also be Skylar, who is becoming dangerously unhinged.

Olympics – Need I say more. Watch this stuff! Support your country!


This week on the blog, we should have a music post from Stephen on Friday, a comic book post from me on Wednesday, and potentially a post from John, who saw Magic Mike. Apparently it’s actually worth reviewing. Who knew? Anyway, come back and see us sometime!


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