I got a FEVER, and the only prescription is more recommendations!


Hello folks what’s good? I hope your Monday is off to a decent start. You know. For a Monday.


This week is pretty light, much like the last few have been. But, there is one release I’m fairly excited about: Garbage! They’re back, and they’re weird, and they’re good!

There’s also a new album from Tenacious D, about which I have absolutely nothing to say.


We’ve got another light week at the box offices, which is good for me considering I’ll be out of town. It’s also good for The Avengers, who continue to smash records at the box office and in my heart.

The one release I might try to see is What to Expect When You’re Expecting, pretty much only because I love Elizabeth Banks so much. Lord knows it’s not because of J-Lo or Cameron Diaz. Gross.

And of course there’s always Battleship if you’ve recently suffered head trauma and lost the capacity to think. I just… I just want to know who greenlit this thing? I mean, who hears the words “Battleship: THE MOVIE” and thinks “Hot damn that needs to happen”???


For all that it might be a week light on music and movies, that is certainly not the case with television, which is having an uncommonly huge week.

Monday – HIMYM Finale! Both parts! Lily is in labor and Marshall is gone. We will also jump forward in time to see some of Barney’s wedding! On Eureka we see a bodyswap! Not gonna lie, i LOVE bodyswap episodes. It’s just so much fun to see how an actor plays another character, and most of the time you can tell that they’re having a to of fun with it too. House sees the return of Olivia Wilde in the second-to-last episode. Personally I stopped watching last season, but if I was ever going to tune back in, it’d be for Olivia Wilde. The Bachelorette premieres, which ALWAYS makes me regret knowing so many females. And finally, America’s Got Talent premieres, which always leaves me saying, “But does it really?”

Tuesday – There are two episodes of Glee this week – an Alternate Universe/Bodyswap, which would have me shaking in fits of, well, glee, if it were any other show. Plus in the second episode: Nationals! The stakes couldn’t be lower while seeming OH! SO! HIGH!

Wednesday – Modern Family does what it does best and makes everyone fight! Don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll hug it out in the end. On Revenge – the penultimate episode of the season – someone apparently dies, bringing Jack and Emily closer.

Thursday – THREE COMMUNITY EPISODES!!! WAHOOO! The first sees Pierce taking on his former company, with the group rallying to his side. The second has the group infiltrating Greendale in an attempt to free the Dean (which totally needs to become a T-shirt slogan), and the third episode sees Shirley vs. Pierce, with Jeff representing the former, and an ex-colleague the latter. There should also be healthy doses of A/C Repair School drama and John Goodman. AND if the trend holds, Annie will make out with someone. ; Person of Interest – actual finale! I think I said it was last week, oops, but I’m for realzies this time. Grey’s Anatomy has its eighth (EIGHTH!!!) season finale, and while I haven’t watched in four or five years, I’m sure some of y’all do. And finally, Awake will air part one of its SERIES finale (I know, sad but also kind of predictable).

Friday – Grimm has its first season finale, and I swear I will watch this show eventually, probably over the summer. Supernatural also has its season finale, and I’m trying to go into it pretty cold.


It’s a pretty big week for comics as well, though pretty light on what I
personally read. That being said, the reviews for the big Bat Event are impressive enough that I think I might pick up the trades.

DC: Night of the Owls hits FOUR titles this week – Catwoman, Batwoman, Red Robin, and Nightwing; Wonder Woman is also new this week, picking up after Diana was shot by Cupid’s arrow bullet, and presumably now in love with Hades.

Image sees the release of its two most epic, crazy, interesting, original new series: Saga and the Manhattan Project.

Marvel sees new Avengers vs. X-Men with a battle raging across the globe, and the first confrontation with The Phoenix Force itself. We’ve also got new Uncanny X-Men, and new X-Factor!


No real releases I’m much excited about, but if you’re interested, I’m reading ‘Hyperion’ by Dan Simmons. Check out the Sword and Laser book club on Goodreads, the podcast on iTunes, and the video show on YouTube for ongoing discussions of this sci-fi classic. I also bought two books by N. K. Jemisin – part two of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, and her new High Fantasy epic. Feel free to read them along with me! I doubt I’ll finish this month, but who knows.

On the blog, I’ll be talking about something TV related on Wednesday. Possibly the Once Upon a Time finale, and the show’s progress. Maybe not. And on Friday Ben should have a post on books! See y’all then!


One Response to I got a FEVER, and the only prescription is more recommendations!

  1. will says:

    If there isn’t a scene in “Battleship” where someone screams into a phone “You’ve sunk my battleship!!” I will be sorely disappointed.

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