Pop POP! (Culture, that is): 5/7/12-5/13/12

Guys. GUYS. It’s not a pug picture. And I’m still OK, and you’re still here. And everything is great. I LOVE US.

Other great things: fitting a Community reference into the blog title! How’s THAT for Magnetic Attitude??? Also, if I’m extra weird today, it’s because I’m still strung out on Avenger’s Awesomeness, and also really sleep deprived. So, we have that to look forward to.


This week is super light on music releases. In fact, there were only two Wikipedia mentioned. Keane was the first. Keane is a band that I like, but also one I’m strangely ambivalent toward. What I mean, mostly, is that I’ll listen to them if they come on my Snow Patrol Pandora station, but I’m never going to go watch their videos on YouTube.

Next we have the Silversun Pickups, which had one moderately successful song like five years ago. I remember liking it a lot, but the name escapes me. If I weren’t writing this on my phone before I have to teach, I’d probably look it up myself. But I’m afraid that burden must fall to you, dear reader.


This week is also pretty light on movie releases. Fandango could only show me one major release: Dark Shadows, the new Tim Burton/Johnny Depp feature based on an old television show of the same name. Now, if you follow me on Twitter, or know me in real life, you’ll know that with the exception of Big Fish, I hate Tim Burton movies, and that with the exception of the first Pirates movie, I hate Johnny Depp. Also, I’m so burnt out on vampires right now. So basically this movie is the perfect storm of things I never want to see, and I will be avoiding it like the plague.

So if you’re going to the movies this weekend, might I suggest The Avengers? I myself will most likely be seeing it a second time, because it was face-meltingly, mind-blowingly, junk-numbingly, awesome. And if that review wasn’t enough, be looking for a review on here sometime – but more on that later.


Monday – Eureka, that’s literally it. There’s so little left of this little show, and I didn’t discover it until last year, and it makes me so sad that we had so little time together. I have to enjoy it while I can. And so should you.

Tuesday – Glee is doing prom. I assume there are people that care. New Girl has its finale, where someone will move out of the loft, Cece and Schmidt apparently “reach a turning point,” (Thanks sidereel), and Winston confronts a fear of the dark that has never been established and is kind of a racist cliché isn’t it?

Wednesday – Modern Family goes to Disneyland! I seriously cannot wait for this. I mean c’mon, how ridiculous is Cam going to be surrounded by Disney princesses? And Claire is probably going to go insane trying to herd everybody. There’s new B23. And, what I’m probably most excited about: Revenge. While the last couple episodes haven’t pumped me up like before the hiatus, this episode is apparently a flashback, so we’ll get to see more of Emily when she was still Amanda and (I think) pre-Revenge Sensei’d.

Thursday – Community. Abed seems to be the only one aware that the Dean is an imposter, and is forced into therapy because of it. I’ve been hearing the word “conspiracy” a lot about this episode, and my hope is that this is a spiritual sequel to the conspiracy episode of Season 2, one of my favorites. It should also be interesting to see how Abed reacts to therapy. On Awake, Britten begins experiencing memories of accident, so hopefully that mystery is almost resolved. And finally, Person of Interest has its finale tonight, and I’m sure it will be epic and cliff-hangery.

Friday – Fringe has its season finale, which will apparently be a huge cliffhanger. I cannot wait to see how everyone reacts to confronting William Bell, and how/why they all end up in Amber. Also, when is Olivia going to have this baby she’s supposed to have? On Supernatural, Bobby and Cas will both be back, helping the boys find the ingredients they need to finally take down these Leviathans.

Weekend – Game of Thrones; Mad Men


New Buffy! I was really unsure how to feel about the revelation that Buffy is a robot, but it actually makes kind of sense, and has set up a nice situation with Buffy as both Damsel in Distress AND The Rescuing Hero. Batman: Owls! New Morning Glories! Woodrun continues, and hopefully we’ll get to see more crazy time travel paradoxes (paradoces??) and more about the mysterious Ms. Hodge. Uncanny X-Force! I think this is the start of a new arc, but I’m not 100% sure on that score. Wolverine and the X-Men should start to show reactions to the Avengers vs. x-Men situation, as should a new X-Men: Legacy!

On the Blog

So, I absolutely love having my guest authors, and I love having so many features, and a solid schedule. But every now and then, maybe I want to write about a movie I saw or an album I heard or a book I read. So, I’ll be rolling out a new, flexible feature known as the grab bag. It won’t have a set schedule, and will just be posts as I desire. Is that selfish? Maybe.

This week we shouldhave new posts from Trace on television and Will on movies. No details just yet, but they never disappoint.

And one final note: our dear Trace is going to be working at a summer camp in a few weeks, and as such will not have much access to television over the summer. SO, my wonderful cousin John will be taking over for those three months, and maybe helping me with Grab Bag as well.

And that’s it for the week. Good luck to all my friends suffering through finals, the promised land is just around the corner!


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