“In a word, amahzing!”

Hey there boys and girlscouts! It’s me, Hannah and I’m back again! Ian asked me back to talk about Happy Endings, so here it goes! SHAMELESS PLUG: check me out here!

I could start this post with a description, list of characters, etc. etc. blah blah but I won’t. If you’ve never seen the show, check out Wikipedia. That is if it’s not still blacked out and all that jazz. Clarification…please wiki “Happy Endings TV Show” not just Happy Endings. Trust me.

Now, when I first started watching this show, it was out of boredom. I actually quit watching the show altogether until finals came up and I had to watch every episode to procrastinate.

<side note: this is a regular occurrence. I hate finals and always watch a new TV show. I did it for LOST, and it was the best procrastination decision I’ve ever made.>

Back to why I quit watching season 1, it was too silly. It really turned me off; perhaps there was just too much going on. There was a broken wedding where the bride rides off with a roller skater…on roller skates, an annoying single girl with a whiny voice, her gay ex-boyfriend now best friend who I’m sure smells horrible, the token black guy, a terribly pathetic groom, then a kind of happy ending. Boo. That was just ONEish episode! Good grief, I felt like I was already behind on the first episode and didn’t have the willingness to try and catch up. But this isn’t about season 1…

Season 2

I was surprised that this season happened…apparently so was Damon Wayans since he began looking elsewhere (*cough* New Girl *cough*). I don’t know what happened, but I’m now weirdly into this show. I love it so much that I now started DVRing it. SERIOUSLY. DVRing is a pretty big deal for me. I only save my DVR space for shows such as Bones, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and Community and ridiculously cheesy romcoms. DON’T JUDGE YOU DO IT TOO (as do Alex and Brad… furthering my liking of this show). So this proves my appreciation for the show. Maybe it was because I stopped taking Happy Endings too seriously. Maybe I’m trying to fill my ‘Friends’ void that no other has been able to fill. Regardless, it’s a lot better this season.

While season 1 made me want to injure every person in the group, Season 2 made me want to be a part of the group. As long as I’m not Penny. Crap, I’d probably be Penny. Much like Friends, there are a lot of relationships going on between these six friends. Lots and Lots of baggage. Alex and Dave were together… then the wedding was called off and the madness began. Jane is Alex’s sister who is married to Brad, AKA probably my favorite character, AKA the lone black guy and hilarious. Penny and Max dated then he came out of the closet and now they’re besties. So far in this season, Dave and Alex sort of got reconnected then it was forgotten, typical.  Alex had a thing for Max… which was hilarious, Dave and Penny had a little ‘chemistry’ (terrible idea) and Jane and Brad are the picture of a happy marriage. (Spooky Endings episode anyone? Hilarious. SHE WAS BACON… BACON!) I have to say that I’m pulling for Dave and Alex again. Yeah I know, it didn’t work in the first place but who doesn’t believe in second chances, am I right? All Alex needs is a little common sense and Dave is kind of working on being different. Though he has his moments of acting immature like when he reverted back to his childhood after finding out his father had a new girlfriend…and he and Penny explored the world of step siblings.

So, if you loved Friends and are itchin’ for another group to wish you were a part of… watch Happy Endings! Don’t take it too seriously. The show has finally got into a groove! It’s figured out what works, what definitely doesn’t and is getting better and better.

Here are some of my favorite quotes to tickle your fancy:

Max [to Penny]: I wouldn’t turn my nose up to dating a mugger, they’re entrepreneurs.


Mugger: Lady gimme your purse!

Penny: What? Lady? I’m only 30. That’s like mid to late 20s!


Max: How do you think Jane would feel about high-waisted pants?

Brad: I think she would have to be high and wasted.



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