Fall TV In Review, pt. 5: Ringer

We might as well get this out of the way. Ringer is never going to be Must-See TV. It’s sloppy, inconsistent, and sometimes just plain boring. But it’s just good enough to keep watching. Yes, most episodes end on a cliff-hanger. Yes, most episodes start with hastily resolving that cliff-hanger (and most of the tension). But hey, I could say the same for True Blood, and I fake illnesses to watch that when it’s new. [If you haven’t figured this out about me, I have a not-so-secret weakness for seeing really really ridiculously good-looking people get together. It’s shameful, but I make no apologies]

Ringer is sort of the story of twins Bridget and Siobhan (Shivan for those of us who like normal names). I say “sort of,” because even halfway through the season, we really know nothing about Siobhan. So ultimately, it’s Bridget’s story, which we’ve all seen in a dozen awful 80s movies. The stripper/recovering drug addict sees a mafia boss commit a crime, and runs away before she can testify against him. She then hides in plain sight as something utterly unbelievable.





Let that sink in for a second. Ringer, a show starring Sarah Michelle Gellar Prinze, Jr., Guy Liner from LOST, and Mr. Fantastic, in 2011, has the exact same premise as SISTER ACT.

I could stop this review right here. In fact, I probably should, because I just blew my own mind.

Honestly, I can’t even take this show seriously enough to finish this post. So I’ll sum up in like two sentences.

Ringer is really hit or miss in terms of it’s plots; anything involving Malcolm the Black Sponsor is Lame. Anything involving Juliet the Gossip Girl is Lame. Siobhan’s plot has given us no reason to care and not enough information to be interested; so what I’m saying is all I really care about is Bridget’s budding relationship with Andrew, and I care enough about it to come back week after week. That being said, now that I know the show is just FREAKING SISTER ACT, who knows how long I’ll stay.

OK. Peace, love, and Hobbits.



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