The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, pt. 3

Guys. I’m loving TV this year. I had heard there would be not a lot of anything great, but nothing truly awful either. Just a year of mediocrity. So far, I disagree. Few things have truly grabbed me by the hair, dipped me, and taken my breath away, it’s true, but I see a lot of potential, and that is truly exciting. In fact, I’ve watched more TV this week than the past several weeks combined.

That being said, I am fairly relieved that last night was pretty light on things I actually wanted to watch. In fact, Modern Family and Revenge were about the only things I watched. So let’s get started, shall we?

Modern Family
I so desperately wish I could say I’ve been watching this series since the beginning, but last night’s episodes were only the third and fourth I’ve seen live. Fact is, I had resisted Modern Family for almost two whole seasons, because for some reason I saw it as a competitor to my one true love, Community. I don’t know why, because they aren’t on at the same time, or even the same night, and to be totally honest it’s not like I expect Community to be winning Emmys (even if I think it could/should). But I finally saw the light (which is code for “ran out of things to watch on Netflix”), and got caught up in around four days. Because I LOVE it. It’s more or less the perfect sitcom. And last night was no difference. The first episode saw the extended Pritchett family on a dude ranch in Wyoming. Dylan proposed, Claire freaked out, Phil had enough of trying to win Jay’s approval, Alex got kissed by some Brooklyn bozo, and Mitchell freaked out about not being masculine enough to raise a son. Overall, this episode was hilarious. It was nice to see Phil (my favorite character) grow up a little and take charge. It is Jay’s problem that he hasn’t accepted Phil, because he is a great husband and father. The second episode centered mostly on Cam and Mitch trying to set up a dinner to tell the family about adopting a new baby. But Lily has started making comments about killing babies and shoving anyone who touches Cam, so that’s… problematic. The B plot follows Claire’s quest to prove that Phil shoved her in a grocery store, and Jay’s similar quest to find out if Manny and Gloria told him a lie. My one complaint with these episodes, is that everyone seemed so hostile. Haley was so mad at Claire, Claire was mad at Phil, Phil was mad at Jay, Jay was sort of mad at Gloria, Alex was angry at that boy, Lily was mad at everyone. So much anger, Dunpy-Pritchetts! I like that things aren’t all peaches and gravy, but where was the love??? Hopefully things aren’t so stressful all season.

Final Verdict: I don’t know that Modern Family could keep me away if it tried at this point.

Honestly I only watched this because I wanted to review more than Modern Family, and everything else was either reality TV or a crime procedural. Blech. So, I tuned in for cute Everwood girl. And I wasn’t disappointed. I was, however, confused. To be fair, I wasn’t paying 100% attention as I was, ironically, blogging. So I’m actually rewatching it on hulu as I am… yes… blogging. But it makes more sense, maybe because it’s the second time, maybe because I’m only blogging during commercials. So, here’s the run-down for y’all. Apparently, X years ago, Amanda Clarke’s dad was arrested for – I think – acts of terrorism. I think a plane crashed, and he was blamed when everyone at the company he co-founded testified against him. He was arrested in front of Amanda, who took it badly. She apparently went to juvie for a while, and upon release found out that her father was dead, and that she owns 49% of said company and is exceedingly wealthy. Her father’s journals and letters urge her to forgive, but that is beyond her. So she moves to the Hamptons under the name of Emily Thorne, and sets into motion numerous tricky schemes to ruin the lives of everyone who lied about her father. So far, this has meant exposing an affair, through the use of some sort of poison and disguise. Jump forward 5 months, and she’s apparently engaged, though her fiance is killed. No one knows who killed him. It could be her, we don’t know. What I do know, is I’m intrigued. I like the villain, Queen Victoria, aka Cora from Last of the Mohicans. She’s a bitch. My brother and I nicknamed her Skin, because she’s kind of pale. Everwood girl is beautiful as ever, and equally believable as plotting, revenge-driven Femme Fatale, and charming, philanthropist Girl Next Door. All the wealth and parties remind me of The O.C., without feeling derivative.

Final Verdict: To be honest, I was expecting an epic cheese-fest. So I was pleasantly surprised by how complex the plot (and multiple timelines) were. I was also surprised at how dark it all was. Again, pleasantly. Like most shows, five episode commitment, but I’m fully expecting to be in for the season.

And that’s actually it for Wednesday. Thursday is a magical day! We’ve got COMMUNITY!!! We’ve got a new J.J. Abrams show – Person of Interest! And my friend Trace will be back to review Parks and Recreation and Grey’s Anatomy! And maybe some other things. I don’t know. It’ll be a surprise to all of us! So see you then!


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