A Day Late and a Dollar Short

But hopefully you’ll find it worth the wait.

Crap, now there’s pressure to perform.

And now I’m hyperventilating. I’m flashing back to junior high. I’m on the bus. I’m being picked on for being short and wearing glasses. I’m trying not to cry. I’m internalizing the pain. It will affect me for years to come in numerous and unexpected ways.


You’re just going to have to lower your expectations on this, because I can’t live up to them and stay sane.

OK, maybe this relation is toxic. And not the Britney Spears ‘Toxic,’ the BAD kind of toxic.

ANYWAY… sorry I forgot to post on Thursday. To be honest, the Monday/Thursday thing is not working for me. Because who wants to blog on Monday? And there’s something so… bllluuuuuggggghhhhhh… about Thursdays. So let’s try out Tuesday/Friday. And yes, I know today is Saturday. Stop judging.

So, recently I discovered the band Karmin. I literally have no idea how. I really really don’t. But somehow I did and am better for it. [I feel less cool knowing that Ryan Seacrest blogged about them first. He’s the Anti-Hipster, destroyer of all things underground.]

So, this band is an engaged couple. And they’re TOTALLY ADORABLE. They have some original songs, which are great. I’m eagerly awaiting their debut album. But I really really enjoy their covers. Their version of Look At Me Now by Chris Brown pretty much blew my mind. I’ve never seen a pretty white girl rap that fast. And when she isn’t rapping, she’s singing. Really well. And did I mention that she’s pretty? Similarly, the cover of Super Bass by Nicki Minaj is close to my heart, for obvious reasons.


I don’t know what I find appealing about two-man (OR WOMAN CHILL OUT) groups doing covers, but I just do, OK. I suppose it’s kind of the definition of derivative, but they’re having fun singing it, and I’m having fun listening to it. Plus, I really feel like they go out of their way to add something to the original.

[Sidebar, my general rule for covers is that it should either be EXACTLY like the original, or TOTALLY DIFFERENT. Don’t be half-assed about either attempt, it always ends badly.]

So anyway, look them up on YouTube. They’re kind of goofy/weird, but for me that’s icing on the cake. OR IN THE CAKE if it’s a Boston Cream Pie which is really just a cake and I don’t know why they call it a pie maybe it’s like some sort of like 3/5ths Compromise thing where the Pie Party was like “OK Cakes you took Cheese Cake from us and it is totally a pie so in exchange we demand Boston Cream Cake and we will re-name it Boston Cream PIE and it will be totally awesome but totally confusing.”

This is what happens when you make me relive childhood trauma y’all.


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