If you don’t watch Bones… Stop reading now.

Let me get this out there first and foremost. I am a hopeless romantic, whose current school schedule has taken over and has forced me to live vicariously through television couples. Hi! I’m Hannah. When Ian asked me to guest blog, the first question I asked myself was, “what really pisses me off?” My answer…Hannah.  No… I don’t piss myself off. For all you Bones lovers out there, you know what I’m talking about. WHO DOES THIS GIRL THINK SHE IS? Normally when a character and I share the same name and a few characteristics (i.e. blonde hair) I automatically love them because I feel like I’m in the show. That’s not weird…I don’t think. For example, I LOVED Hannah in Chuck. Loved her. She was fantastic, but that may have something to do with my hating Sarah. Always hated her and I have no idea why. I think it’s her issues…they’re annoying. But I’m not here to talk about Chuck.

Nothing frustrates me more than when TV shows take their sweet time in bringing couples together. I understand they are afraid of the show dying… I get it. It’s a risky move. But think of ALL the possibilities! House and Cuddy: MAGIC, Meredith and Derek: Precious, pretty much every current GLEE couple right now: Acceptable, Chuck and Sarah: FAIL. The number one reason I’m writing this blog is to discuss Bones and Booth. Together they are Boones… or Bonth. I’ll stick with Boones because it sounds better. I love Temperance Brennan. LOVE her. Her honesty is something that never ceases to amaze me. And BOOTH…Oh my stars of Georgia, he’s darn near perfect. His tough FBI Army Sniper exterior combines with his sweet sensitive nature makes me want to give up chocolate and follow him straight to Iraq. That’s a lie… I’d never give up chocolate. These two have shared so many moments that made me wanna jump up and down and scream Hallelujah! Then I remember Booth decided to fall into the arms of a “hey look at me, I’m a cool journalist” skanker, and CRASH. My hopes and dreams are shattered once again. There aren’t many instances when I want to a character to be killed off… but I’ll make an exception for Hannah. Get out of the way! She’s ruining what could be the most epic relationship in TV history. Boones are perfect for each other. PERFECT. There have been so many close calls throughout this whole series that they just need to make my day already.  It took so much for Temp to admit to Booth that she didn’t want to end up alone… YES… she rejected him in the middle of last season because she was afraid… BUT HE LET HER. I have hope that they’ll end up together. It’ll happen… but if it happens on the last episode of the final season I’m probably going to write a strongly worded letter and eat my weight in Reese’s and Cherry Jolly Ranchers.

So this is me. This is what I do to make sure school doesn’t steal my soul this last semester I’ll ever have in college ever. Check out my blog at youshouldknowblank.tumblr.com to find out more about me.

Love and Coffee,



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