Oh the Humanity!

This is a post about Being Human, a new show on SciFi (it will ALWAYS be SciFi in my mind.  Not this new SyFy crap), based on a British show of the same name.  The premise is simple: a hot vampire, a neurotic werewolf, and a ghost with issues all live together.  This may sound somewhat hackneyed – especially in a world with True Blood, Twilight, Lost Girl, Buffy, Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, and Taylor Momsen (a real life vampire) – but Being Human goes for a slightly different take on the paranormal.  It’s made abundantly clear that the focus of this show will be on the relationships between the characters, rather than on the weirdness of their species, on some grand over-arching plot, or anything like that.  And in that regard, I appreciate it for being relatively unique.

Because Being Human is based on a British series, I just assumed that it would be quirky and light-hearted.  I mean the closest thing I’ve seen to a British drama is Doctor Who, and even that is witty, strange, and – let’s face it – silly more often than not.  So I was quite shocked when the entire 42 minutes was mostly filled with each character angsting over their individual issues.  I mean dang.  Sally the ghost is depressed because, well, she’s dead.  She can’t leave the house, and can never see her former fiance ever again.  Plus she has no idea how she died, or how to interact with the physical world.  Then there’s Aidan the vampire.  He seemed to be the most mellow, laid-back character, so I wasn’t expecting him to emote all over the place.  But of course he’s consumed with guilt over his monstrous past which has of course come back to haunt him (ghost pun wom wom), and try to pull him back to the dark side.  Then there’s Josh the werewolf.  Ho-lee crapppp.  I just wanted to kick him so hard he saw the curvature of the earth.  Every single thing he said was whining about how he can never be normal and hasn’t had sex in years and how his life is a curse he can’t handle.  Good Lord.  At least the werewolves on True Blood enjoy billiards and motorcycles.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked the show.  I’ll definitely come back for more.  But it should tell you something that my favorite moments were when Sally was being goofy after going 6 months without human contact.  Or when Aidan and Josh were ragging on each other in a delightfully Odd Couple kind of way.  Or when Josh was embarrassing himself in front of the opposite sex.  The light-hearted moments that made me smile.  Not the angsty plot-driven parts that made me want to put on Death Cab and write poetry that doesn’t rhyme.

So, I guess to recap, I see a lot of potential to this show.  I think it could be fun to see Sally learn how to be seen, how to touch things, and how to leave the apartment.  Plus to see her waiting at home bored all day and then exploding when the guys get home just so she can talk to someone.  True story: that was the story of my parents’ marriage early on.  Mom trapped at home all day with no car in a city with no friends and no TV, Dad at work talking all day.  He’d get home hoping for quiet, she’d be needing talking.  Anyway, I think it could be great to see Josh strike out with girls over and over, and to find some equally neurotic girl to date and then have to hide the wolf thing from for a while.  I think it could be fun to see Aidan be the exact opposite, to pick up girls left and right, Barney Stinson style, and have to slowly learn how to commit to one girl, and to be footloose and fancy free.

I’m going to keep watching, but if every episode consists of this much whining, I will probably kill myself.  Not to be angsty or anything.

P.S. I’m still getting my guest author posts in, but expect to see the first one THIS FRIDAY from my dear friend Hannah!  She’ll be talking about Bones and our favorite new complication: Hannah!


3 Responses to Oh the Humanity!

  1. sarahactually says:

    Dude, if you think British TV is lighthearted and silly… compared to the original Being Human, this was a puppy romp through a field of daises and rainbows. British TV is generally super dark and depressing and way better than most American shows. Doctor Who is the exception to the rule (though for such a “silly” show it sure does have a lot of genocide).

    and Taylor Momsen (a real life vampire)
    I lol’d.

    • Author says:

      I guess I was mostly thinking of like… Spaced, Fawlty Towers, Allo Allo, Are You Being Served, and The Office. Although some of those definitely had a morbid streak.

      • sarahactually says:

        The comedy ones are slightly more lighthearted I guess, but the dramas are a lot darker – Misfits, Being Human, Torchwood, Sherlock, even Skins. And they do a lot of little miniseries things that are usually pretty depressing. I think they just need something for all their srs bsns actors to do (not that I don’t love it).

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