Ke$ha – We R Who We R (And We R Not Amused)

To say that Ke$ha (henceforth just Kesha for my typing-related sanity) is a hot mess is both an understatement and a misnomer.  An understatement in that she is so much more than a mess – I predict her death within the next 5 years.  A misnomer in that I do not find her hot in the slightest.  Maybe it’s her trashy lifestyle, maybe it’s her trailer park attitude, maybe it’s just that I think she’s dumb.  But for all of that, I tend to enjoy her music.  I think it’s way more popular than it deserves to be, but music is more about being catchy than anything else these days, unfortunately.

But I HATE this music video.  It is basically just a rowdy party, mixed with uncomfortably close shots of Kesha in obnoxious clothing, and a scene where she jumps off a building.  Oh and random space scenes or something?

So let’s talk about it.  I think my biggest problem is her clothing/makeup.  What was she thinking?  My only thought is that she saw all the attention Lady GaGa has received for her strange outfits, and decided she needed to do something similar.  So she put studs on her eyebrows and nails, and wore a broken-glass top and disgusting stockings.  And enough glitter to make Taylor Swift blush.

I can’t even express how much fail it is.  First off, the shots of here are way too close.  Like it’s just her face most of the time.  Gross.  And as for the getup itself, it just doesn’t wow me at all.  It isn’t weird-chic like Gwen Stefani or Lady GaGa.  It isn’t even weird-gross like some Lady GaGa or Adam Lambert.  It was just weird.  It didn’t make a statement, it was just weird.  It felt like when your daughter find mommy’s make up and wears her clothes.

Beyond that, the video is fine enough.  Kids throwing a party is about as generic as it comes, but that also means it’s pretty hard to mess up.  I expected more “making the hipsters fall in love,” “hitting on dudes… hard,” or more “You don’t wanna mess with us,” but nope.  Just dancing.  And a weird scene with Kesha falling several stories to be caught by her adoring fans.  Ummm OK?

So I guess what I’m saying is that, in a disturbing trend with songs I like lately, I love the song but hate the video.  I’ll just listen to it while on another tab of my browser, and then I won’t have to see Kesha’s scary face.


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