Glee: Embrace the Cheese

This blog post is dedicated to the new Kraft Mac & Cheese commercial I saw on hulu, featuring an adorable tween snarker. You go girl.

Now, I know I didn’t review last week’s Glee, but it was my favorite holiday, so I took a break.  Imma do me, know’m say’n’?  But in the interest of consistency, I’ll summarize now, Zero Punctuation style.  Ahem.  Basically I liked it although I thought that the the vows and dances being dedicated to Kurt rather than the bride and groom was frankly tacky and what’s with making Kurt into some gay Mother Theresa I mean he used to have flaws and stuff but now he’s just boring is the show afraid to show a gay character with flaws or something and also I really liked Sue Sylvester but I wish the show would decide whether she’s supposed to be a caricature of a villain or a real person and also I felt like Carol Burnett could have been either better utilized or completely left out but overall the cheesy emotional moments were enough to make me get over it.  Boom.

So that makes three – count ’em: THREE – episodes of Glee, in a row, that I didn’t hate.

So basically in this episode, the team goes to Sectionals.  Rachel finds out that Finn slept with Santana when he and Rachel weren’t together, and flips shit.  Emma calls out Schuester on playing favorites, so he decides to let his dimmer stars shine.  Meanwhile Artie and Tina become convinced that Brittany and Mike Chang are cheating on them.  Oh yeah and spoiler alert: Finn and Rachel break up and Emma gets married.

So what did I think?  Well as I already said, I liked it, and here’s why.

As most reviews I’ve read would say, what made Glee (especially the first episode) a great show was its earnestness.  Rachel on the verge of tears stating/hoping that being part of something makes you special, right? is really one of my favorite scenes from the whole show, as is the scene when Rachel and Finn almost got together on a picnic blanket in the auditorium.  When the writers realize that these are high-schoolers, who are largely dumb, hormonal, and overly emotional (read: dramatic), the show succeeds.  Where the show fails is when it tries to be political or dark, and when it’s wildly inconsistent.

Speaking of which, this review actually defended the inconsistencies, essentially faulting the viewership with expecting Glee to tell on ongoing story (like LOST) rather than hit a reset button after every episode (like Everyone Loves Raymond).  I don’t think this is really a fair complaint because the show will often go several episodes with character growth and ongoing plots, and then hit the reset button, essentially undoing weeks worth of emotional investment for the viewer.  Couldn’t it be like Friends and somehow combine both?  BUT I DIGRESS.

Anyway, thank goodness for Emma.  Beyond being adorable, she’s also pretty much the only moral and logical character in the show, showing the least inconsistency (in my opinion).  I enjoyed them shaking things up by giving lesser characters solos.  That was a lot of fun.

I also actually really liked the drama between Finn and Rachel.  It was pretty much the only thing they’ve done all season!  Truth be told, I wish they’d stayed together, but set up a great love triangle between Finn, Rachel, and Puck.  Ultimately this is because Puck is one of my favorite characters, and I think he and Rachel actually fit together better.  But anyway it was nice to see some tension in their relationship for once.  Rachel’s “You said you’d never break up with me!” was both obnoxious, moving, and completely realistic for a teenage girl at the same time.

There were some sweet (actually sweet, not awesome sweet) moments between all the other couples.  That was nice.  Particularly Artie and Brittany and Kurt and Blaine.  Although I’m really beginning to wonder if that’s going anywhere.  I have some predictions that either Kurt and the bully will somehow end up together, or that the bully shoots up the school.  SERIOUSLY, I would NOT put it past them.

Also, I thought the scenes with Rachel and Kurt were really good too.  It kind of came out of nowhere, but I liked it so oh well.

And I liked the new fat girl.  She’s got moxy.  Get it.  I hope she turns out to be a bad ass singer.

What didn’t I like?

Emma’s sad face at the end.  Ummm, am I the only one who thinks she is WAY too good for Will and that Carl is perfect for her in every way?  Be happy with your shotgun marriage!  Although it adds tension, so I can’t hate it too much.

Old people.  Gross.  Their song was just plain bad.  I guess that was the point, but no one watches the show for crappy songs.  But I liked that they were basically the Glee kids in 50 years.

The tie.  If you didn’t see it coming, you’re dumb.  The end.  And while I understand the logic behind it, it was so anticlimactic all I could do was “UGH” in disgust.

And I think that about sums it up.  All in all one of the best episodes of the season.  I just really hope the second half gets back to basics, and realizes that the show is best when it embraces the cheese, the melodrama, and that deep sadness that is at the core of high school (for the characters and for me).


One Response to Glee: Embrace the Cheese

  1. Katherine says:

    hahaha, i have nothing but love for this post! all of it! including the picture choice, hilarious. definitely a good episode!
    but the cheese girl. shoot me!!! she was no adorable tween after 5 of those commercials in a row.

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