TV Review – Weeds Season Five

As previously blogged, I love Weeds.  Even though it has devastated my internal monologue.  Even though not a one of the characters really has a moral center.  No really.  The most moral character is probably Silas, who grows weed, sleeps with women literally twice his age, and intentionally got a girlfriend pregnant so she wouldn’t leave him.  Yeah.  Even though the story continues to get more and more outrageous.  It went from a suburban satire to basically the Sopranos.  I love it.

And I just finished the fifth season – the last on Netflix at this time.  I realize I didn’t review the other four seasons individually, but it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want.  Besides my roommate just moved out to get married so it’s just me and the computer for a while.

Anyway!  Weeds season five.  It picks up right where the end of season four left off.  Nancy is pregnant with the drug lord/Tijuana mayor’s baby, which gives her the right to live despite ratting out his operation  (they started trafficking guns, heroin, and girls…way beyond Nancy’s Moral Event Horizon).  Celia has been kidnapped by her daughter and a Latino rebel leader (seriously) hoping to get a ransom or money for her organs (seriously).  And Andy has realized he is in love with Nancy.  So what did I think of the season?

I liked it.  At first, Andy being in love with Nancy freaked me the crap out. Maybe it’s because when he first appeared in the show I thought he was her brother, not her dead husband’s?  Maybe it’s because they spent four seasons basically as siblings?  Either way, it was weird.  But then I genuinely started to see it.  There was a fitting parallelism: Judah married Nancy and adopted her son from another (very Aryan) man.  Now Andy could marry her and adopt her son from another (very Mexican) man.  Neat!  But it didn’t pan out and he got with Alanis Morissette (seriously), the family doctor (seriously).  Celia’s sudden and strange transition to a lesbian (or bi-sexual?  Or bi-curious?) was off-putting, but her turning into season one Nancy was pretty fitting.  It was cool to see the old gang (more or less) back together, including my favorite minor character: Sanjay!  He’s super gay but has a gigantic baby!

I also thought it was really gutsy to pull a “six months later” partway through the season rather than between them.  But it totally worked.  I definitely didn’t want to sit through six more months of pregnancy, Andy moping, etc.  Much better to have the baby, and get back the smokin’ hot, borderline alcoholic Nancy we all know and love.  I still wonder whether Nancy/Andy is ever going to happen for realzies, but in the meantime I like Esteban OK (he’s definitely named after Stephen King).  Also I’m intrigued by the end of the season, though I must say I kind of saw it coming.  I knew Shane would eventually kill someone, I just didn’t know who.

Overall, Season 5 was good.  I think I’ll always have a soft spot for the first three seasons in the suburbs, but Mexico has been a fun adventure.  I know that Season 6 is somewhere else, which will be nice too.  This show sometimes feels very unplanned, which normally bugs me, but in this case I really enjoy it.  I guess it just is true to life in that regard.

So, Weeds is great and you should consider watching it.  Seasons 1-5 on Netflix.  I watched the whole first season in a day.

Peace, love, and hobbits.


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