Glee: More Like a Teenage Nightmare

OK kids, I have to tell you it’s been a long time since a show so consistently pissed me off.  I mean, even at the height of Heroes’ mind-numbingly, insultingly, phenomenally stupid seasons two through… however many it had, I wasn’t this angry.  Even season 5 of Alias!  Actually that made me so mad I quit watching – which is what needs to happen with me and Glee.  BUT I CAN’T STOP WATCHING.  It’s like…Halloween candy laced with crack filled with razor blades.

So, why did this episode of Glee offend me so bad?  Unlike most people reading this, it wasn’t because of the gayness.  I’ve supported gay rights since high school.  I think that the government has no constitutional basis to prevent two legally capable, consenting adults from entering into a union that hurts no one – even though as a Christian I believe homosexuality to be a sin.  So what was it that infuriated me so badly?

1.  First, and the least offensive to me, let’s discuss Magical Utopia Preparatory.  I’m sorry but am I really supposed to believe that a school adopts a Zero Tolerance bullying policy and suddenly no one has any prejudices?  In an ALL BOYS SCHOOL???  That’s more insulting to my intelligence than a worldwide eclipse that somehow negates everyone’s superpowers.  And I get that the show needs to show something to aspire to – a world where people are accepted for who they are, and kids aren’t bullied into suicide for being different.  But I think Magical Utopia Prep is just a little too perfect.

2.  Schuester kissing Beiste.  Don’t get me wrong, the guy has been a total creep for a while now.  Especially last episode.  This episode seemed to be trying to take steps to correct that – asking Kurt if he’s OK, chastising the guys for their treatment of the coach, and convincing Beiste to stay.  Those are good things.  But to kiss this poor woman… I feel like that’s unfair.  It was a noble, albeit creepy gesture, but ultimately I don’t think you can kiss a woman without lasting consequences.  So while he may have scratched a baby step off her to-do list, he’s probably messed with her emotions an awful lot.

3.  The visualizations of Beiste.  For a show that shoves tolerance down our throats preaches equality, its treatment of this woman has been awful.  Almost everything about her is just a really tacky joke at her expense.  “OMG, look at that mannish woman, she thinks she can play football. HAHA.”  “Oh my gosh, it’s a big woman in lingerie/cheerleaders uniform/ etc.  Silly tranny, hotness is for women!”  I just don’t get how we’re supposed to listen to a show that preaches tolerance on one hand but uses stereotypes for cheap laughs on the other.

4.  Artie (and Puck) ‘s sexism.  So for some reason, Puck is one of my favorite characters.  Yes, he’s a sexist pig.  He’s kind of racist, totally intolerant, and irreverent.  But that’s his character, and I know it’s bad.  He’s the bad boy after all.  So when he says these ridiculous things, I can laugh, and feel high and mighty at the same time.  Win.  Artie on the other hand, is a total sexist.  All the time.  But we’re not allowed to judge him for it, because he’s all adorable in a wheelchair.  I mean, he wears tacky sweaters and can’t move his legs, so we have to let him off the hook.  RIGHT?  So basically I’m just really ready for some sort of crusading women’s rights avenger to bitch-slap the douche out of him.

5.  By far the most insulting thing to me about this episode was the big reveal that Kurt’s tormentor is in fact gay himself.  Ummm ok?  True, there are those people out there who are secretly gay, hate it about themselves, and take it out on others.  I don’t doubt that.  But the vast majority of the time, aren’t bullies just intolerant assholes who try to impose their own morality onto others?  If you want to humanize the bully, why not reveal that his dad is abusive, or his mom is a raging drunk, or his grandfather was a Nazi who hates gays and raised his family to follow in his ways.  OR SOMETHING.  But to give bullied and depressed teenagers the hope that the people who hate them and make their lives miserable are secretly gay themselves and just want to kiss them in a locker room?  That’s… unbelievably cruel.  I mean, think about it.  To believe that people only hate you because they’re repressing their own homosexuality when in reality their just bigots?  That’s not right.  And it’s really sad actually.

So there you have it.  This episode was so offensive to me, I don’t know why I still watch the show.  I think I’m going to watch ONE more episode, and if it is crap, I’m done.  Done with this show that exploits the viewers need for TV that isn’t dark and gritty, for something that is earnest and hopeful, and for catchy crack-tunes.

Things I did like:

Sue’s confetti cannon, and accompanying evil victory laugh.

Rachel’s leather outfit.  Let’s be real.


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