TV Review – The 4400 Season 3

Season Three: In which S*&t Gets REAL.

I mean, so much happens.  The season starts with a major – though pointless and annoying – character getting killed off, and a new(ish) – equally annoying but pivotal – character rising to prominence.  I think this was a solid move, not just because the character who died was obnoxious, but because it shows the audience that star billing does not equal invincibility.  Which adds a lot more tension to the show.

Which seems to be the goal of the third season.  This season is frantic, and shockingly to-the-point.  There’s not a lot of levity going on, and not a lot of fluff.  I really thought that would be a good thing.  It certainly keeps the momentum generated by last season going, but I found myself wishing for more character interaction that wasn’t about Jean Grey Isabelle potentially killing everyone.

I did enjoy Diana’s arc this season.  Watching her deal with the loss of her adopted daughter was heart-wrenching, and the reunion equally heart-warming.  I also really enjoyed seeing Tom’s reaction to Diana leaving at the end of the season.  I forget that they’re close sometimes, because they’re always so down-to-business.

So overall, I really enjoyed this season.  It continues to set up for really awesome things down the line.  The characters continue to change and engage, and the powers are increasingly cool.  The power struggle between the various factions is also really intense and interesting.

Other random observations:

Hey again Summer Glau! Nice to see you playing a (recently) sane person, for once!

Hmmm, 50% of death, 50% of super powers?  I’d take the risk.

Ryland’s still a dick.

Yay for Diana finding true love and not awkward love!  Although their whole situation would suck


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