Let’s Do The Time Warp Back To When Glee Was Good

I love Rocky Horror, but how I hated this episode.  Flames. Flames on the side of my face.

But first I’ll talk about the things I actually liked.

1.  Mercedes as Frank-N-Furter.  I thought it was a great chance for Mercedes to have a leading role, and a pretty cool re-interpretation of the character.  Of course, she only sang one song, but it was pretty good.

2.  Drawing attention to men’s struggles with body image.  Everybody knows girls have these issues, but the idea of men struggling with anorexia or other disorders is still a bit of a foreign subject.

3.  No Kurt angsting about being gay or the writers attempting to shove his lifestyle down our throats.

Aaaannnnd that’s about it.

So let’s get onto everything else.

1.  WHY didn’t Kurt want to play Frank-N-Furter? I mean, he literally considers himself one of the girls already and relishes wearing skirts, dresses, and tights.  He’s barely a step above transvestite normally.  My only conclusion is that the writers always wanted Mercedes to do it.

2.  While I already praised the show for dealing with men’s body-image issues, I feel like it was a bit ingenuous.  While implying that Sam has body dysmorphia or another disorder, it was treated as a joke.  And the character was still shown shirtless on multiple occasions, and his “manorexia” seemed to be justified by the characters (and the show?) by its results.

3.  Which leads me to probably my biggest issue with the show.  The hyper sexualization.  Yes, this has been present almost from the very beginning with numbers like Push It.  And no, I’m not overly sensitive to this issue.  Do this day, the most depraved acts of sexual debauchery I’ve ever heard first-hand happened while I was in high school.  I don’t think the show is unrealistic necessarily, but I do think it’s hypocritical.  You can’t go around blaming society for making men and women increasingly sexually minded, and then show multiple characters in various states of undress, tight gold shorts, skin-tight leather, etc etc.  It’s not satire, it’s part of the problem.

4.  Along with that, can we just talk about John Stamos, and more to the point Will Schuester??  I can’t hate John Stamos too much, because he at least kind of tries to discourage the teenagers lusting after him.  But Schuester actually seems to encourage it.  I mean, doing Toxic with the Glee Club and whipping the school into a sexual frenzy was bad enough, but kicking a member off a play – and fueling his self-esteem/body issues – so that he could play Rocky – “the perfect man” who is mostly naked and would have a lot of sexual scenes WITH RACHEL.  Not to mention the fact that he insists on pursuing a woman in a relationship and using the musical to seduce her.  Not OK.

5.  UMMM, Artie is a pig.  He apparently said something degrading to one of the girls, and barely got more than an eye roll.  If I had been one of the girls, I’d have bitch-slapped his crippled ass back to Mad Men where that kind of talk was alright.

Overall, this show has serious issues and I am beginning to doubt that it can be saved.  It has come to rely on gimmicks rather than characters or story to survive, which is never a good sign.  I’d like to blame the sophomore slump, but let’s face it: this show has been going downhill since the second half of season one.  But it will probably live forever because it makes so much money from music sales.


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