Morning Glories

Is awesome, and you should read it.

I had literally heard nothing about it.  I don’t really follow Image comics that closely.  I’m more of a DC/Marvel/Vertigo kind of guy.  But I was on IGN reading their weekly comics reviews as always on a Thursday, when I saw their review for Issue 2.  And they described it as “LOST meets Runaways.”  Literally my favorite show with one of my Top Five comics of all time.  Brian K. Vaughan has worked on both, but that’s neither here nor there.  I immediately went to look for the first two issues, only to find them sold out OF THEIR THIRD PRINTING.  That.  Is.  Awesome.

Luckily I was able to find it at my comic book store back in Katy, and devoured it.

So what’s it about?  The jury’s still out.  It’s definitely setting up for something epic though.  But I will attempt to describe it without giving too much away.

Basically it’s about six teenagers who are sent to a boarding school.  But things take a mysterious twist when they discover that every student at the school has the same birthday, they aren’t allowed to talk to their families, and there’s some sort of energy ghost/demon/entity living in the basement.  There’s some pretty snappy dialogue, art that reminds me of Adrian Alphona, and definitely the promise of greatness to come.  I highly recommend getting in on the ground floor of this one kids.


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